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React JSX Question

How to calculate a map LatLngBound from center and zoom manually?

I'm trying to render Google map using react-google-maps.
I get the users current location using

function before the map is fully loaded, but I need to calculate the bounds of the map using the location of the user as the center and a preset zoom level , say , 5.
How can I achieve this ?

Answer Source

The easiest way would be to set the default zoom to 5 on the Google Maps component:

  defaultCenter={{ lat: -25.363882, lng: 131.044922 }}

defaultCenter is the user's location in this format.

and then get the bounds like this:

let map =;
let bounds = map.getBounds();

let geoBounds = {
  swLat: bounds.getSouthWest().lat(),
  swLng: bounds.getSouthWest().lng(),
  neLat: bounds.getNorthEast().lat(),
  neLng: bounds.getNorthEast().lng(),
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