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Ionic - How to remove sidemenu on login page only?

I need to remove sidemenu only on my login page. Otherwise remain. How it can be done? I'm using command ionic

ionic start myApp sidemenu
to create the project.


.config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {

.state('login', {
url: "/login",
templateUrl: "templates/login.html",
controller: 'LoginCtrl'

.state('app', {
url: "/app",
abstract: true,
templateUrl: "templates/menu.html",
controller: 'AppCtrl'

.state('app.search', {
url: "/search",
views: {
'menuContent' :{
templateUrl: "templates/search.html"

login page

<ion-view title="Login">
<div class="list">
<label class="item">
<button class="button button-block button-positive" type="submit" ng-click="login()">Log in</button>


Answer Source

What you can do is define the login page without a sidemenu. Check your login page HTML template. Make sure you do not have the <ion-side-menus> and <ion-side-menu> elements in it. These are used on pages that need to have a sidemenu.

Your login page should look like this:

     <!--your page content goes in here-->

To have sidemenu on other pages, just put the sidemenu content in a parent state which in your code is the app state.

Your menu.html file:

      <!--put your side menu content here-->
      <!--any child state of app will inherit this sidemenu-->

      <ion-nav-view name="menuContent"></ion-nav-view>
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