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Less Blur with `Visual Effect View with Blur`?

Title pretty much asks it all...

I'm playing with the iOS8

Visual Effect View with Blur
. It's over a
that shows a user choosable background photo. The view placed in the contentView itself is my own custom view, shows a sort of graph/calendar. Most of said calendar graph is transparent. The blur it applies to the photo behind it is really heavy. I'd like to let more of the detail leak through. But Apple only seems to give three canned values:

typedef enum {
} UIBlurEffectStyle;

I've monkied around with different alphas and background colors of the
(even though the documentation warns against that), but that doesn't do anything but make it worse.

Answer Source

The reason you're getting heavy blur is that the blur effect style affects the brightness level of the image, not the amount of blur applied.

enter image description here

Unfortunately, although Apple clearly has the ability to control the amount of blur applied programmatically--try dragging down slowly on the launchpad to watch the Spotlight blurring transition--I don't see any public API to pass a blur amount to UIBlurEffect.

This post claims that adjusting the background color alpha will drive the blur amount. It's worth a try, but I don't see where that is documented: Fade in/out UIVisualEffectView / UIBlurEffect

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