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TypeScript Question

How do you control/configure linting with atom-typescript package?

Atom-typescript out of the gate lints(ts errors on the bottom), and it indicates that it installs linter.

Linter: We will install this for you to give a good error highlight experience

But confused on where do you fine tune it?

Is there a .rc file?
For example, Setting globals: want to set globals so they don't show up as being missing. For example, using 3rd party packages like latinize.


and it indicates that it installs linter.

The linter is just an api to provide inline errors. For linting typescript you need something like tslint. There is https://github.com/AtomLinter/linter-tslint available.


  • TypeScript / atom-typescript is configured using tsconfig.json
  • tslint is configured using tslint.json