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jQuery Question

JS variable name

I have simple js variables:

var check_first = 0;
var check_second = 1;

<div class="chosen" data-type ='first'>

I have a function to get the data attribute:

$(document).on('click', '.chosen', function (e) {
var type = $(this).data('type');

When the
is clicked, I get the
variable with the value of "

Then I want to use this value to identify one of the two variables at the top and get the value of 0:

For example:

var chosen = check_ + type; //of course wrong, and should give "check_first" when properly written.
console.log(chosen); //giving 0 as the result

How can I achieve this?

Answer Source

Your best chance is to use a simple key-value object to achieve this:

var check = {
    first: 0,
    second: 1

$(document).on('click', '.chosen', function (e) {
    var type = $(this).data('type');
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