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Set the first day of the week in JavaFX's DatePicker

Is it possible to change the first day of week on JavaFX's DatePicker when applying Arabic locale? I need to change it from Saturday to Sunday.

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I was able to change the first date of the week by injecting the following class within my application:

package sun.util.resources.ar;

import sun.util.resources.LocaleNamesBundle;

public final class CalendarData_ar_SA extends LocaleNamesBundle
    protected final Object[][] getContents()
        return new Object[][] { { "firstDayOfWeek", "1" }, { "minimalDaysInFirstWeek", "1" } };

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Do not forget to change the default locale:

public static final Locale SAUDI_AR_LOCALE = new Locale.Builder().setLanguageTag("ar-SA-u-nu-arab").build(); // nu is for numbers

// ....

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