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Ruby Question

Ruby: Can I write multi-line string with no concatenation?

Is there a way to make this look a little better?

conn.exec 'select attr1, attr2, attr3, attr4, attr5, attr6, attr7 ' +
'from table1, table2, table3, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, ' +
'where etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc'

Like, is there a way to imply concatenation?

Answer Source

There are pieces to this answer that helped me get what I needed (easy multi-line concatenation WITHOUT extra whitespace), but since none of the actual answers had it, I'm compiling them here:

str = 'this is a multi-line string'\
  ' using implicit concatenation'\
  ' to prevent spare \n\'s'

=> "this is a multi-line string using implicit concatenation to eliminate spare

As a bonus, here's a version using funny HEREDOC syntax (via this link):

p <<END_SQL.gsub(/\s+/, " ").strip
SELECT * FROM     users
         ORDER BY users.id DESC
# >> "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY users.id DESC"

The latter would mostly be for situations that required more flexibility in the processing. I personally don't like it, it puts the processing in a weird place w.r.t. the string (i.e., in front of it, but using instance methods that usually come afterward), but it's there. Note that if you are indenting the last END_SQL identifier (which is common, since this is probably inside a function or module), you will need to use the hyphenated syntax (that is, p <<-END_SQL instead of p <<END_SQL). Otherwise, the indenting whitespace causes the identifier to be interpreted as a continuation of the string.

This doesn't save much typing, but it looks nicer than using + signs, to me.

EDIT: Adding one more:

p %{
SELECT * FROM     users
         ORDER BY users.id DESC
}.gsub(/\s+/, " ").strip
# >> "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY users.id DESC"
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