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Monogame - Music and sound effect not playing simultaneously

I understand this question has been asked before but I'm doing it through Mono game and the programming language I'm using is C#.

I'm made a game that the aim of it is to go through obstacles and for every obstacle you go through, you earn a point. Now, I'm trying to add the finishing touches. I've added back ground music to the game but I want a sound to play every time you press the space bar. So i added the sound into the game and i put it through the pipeline tool, implemented the sound into the code and so on.

But every time I play the game, the BGM plays but if you press the space bar the sound plays but the BGM stops. I tried to add the sound as a 'sound effect' but its still playing it simultaneously.

This is where the sound gets loaded into the game.

Song backgroundMusic;
Song jumpsound;

This is the part of the code that plays the sound if you press the space bar.

public void Update (KeyboardState spaceNow, KeyboardState spacePrev,Song Jsound)
if((spaceNow.IsKeyDown(Keys.Space) == true) && (spacePrev.IsKeyDown(Keys.Space) == false))
y -= 50;
Vertspeed = -10;


Open to suggestions and feedback :)


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Is there any reason why the jumpsound should be Song? It seems like you should use SoundEffect class instead.

It's also possible to play multiple soundeffects simultaneously.