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Apache Configuration Question

Wordpress: attempting to update plugins results in 503 error after several minutes

I'm using wp 3.4.2 on a hosting service. I can access the ftp server and make changes using a ftp client (ie I have the correct credentials). I inherited the website and I'm trying to update everything, but as a precaution I started with the plugins.

The problem

When I try to update a plugin using the admin dashboard, after clicking "update now", the page keeps loading for several (about/at least 5) minutes. Afterwards I get a Error 503 Service Unavailable error. FTP settings are hardcoded in wp-config.php. This happens with all the plugins.

I solved it already, answer below.

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Answer Source

In case anyone happens to stumble upon this problem, in wp-config.php the ftp host should be set to localhost instead of ftp://yourdomain.com.

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