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jQuery Question

How can I use jquery to move text from multiple elements in order?

I want to move text from multiple elements to other elements in order. I don't want to move the element, just the inner text. The setup is basically:

<p class='button_text'>Text here.</p>
<p class='button_text'>More text here.</p>


<div class="button">Button 1</div> <div class="button">Button 2</div>

Which I tried to change with:

var button_text = $('.button_text').html();

which produces

<div class="button">Text here.</div>
<div class="button">Text here.</div>

But I want it to produce:

<div class="button">Text here.</div>
<div class="button">More text here.</div>

Help much appreciated!

Answer Source

You can try looping through the p tags first. like -

            var btn = $('.button_text');
            var index = 0;
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