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libpng error: Not a PNG file Error Showing In Android Studio

I just Imported a project from

Eclipe to Android Studio
. Just a plain and simple project. But the project folder is showing one error .

May I know what is the correct way to achieve my objective? I am new in Android-studio .Does any guys meet this issue?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is

Execution failed for task ':app:mergeDebugResources'.
> Error: Failed to run command:
/home/amiya/android-studio/sdk/build-tools/android-4.4.2/aapt s -i /home/amiya/vola/app/src/main/res/drawable-mdpi/call.png -o /home/amiya/vola/app/build/res/all/debug/drawable-mdpi/call.png
Error Code:
libpng error: Not a PNG file

Here is my

apply plugin: 'android'

android {

compileSdkVersion 19
buildToolsVersion "19.0.3"

defaultConfig {
minSdkVersion 17
targetSdkVersion 19

buildTypes {
release {
runProguard false
proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android.txt'), 'proguard-rules.txt'


dependencies {
compile ''
compile ''
compile ''
compile files('libs/google-play-services.jar')
compile files('libs/livesdk.jar')

I am not using this file anywhere in my project with that name !! There are many other png files in my project though.


Took below steps that solved my problem:

  1. Cut-paste the image on my desktop.

  2. Opened it in an editor saved it as png. without renaming the file name.

  3. Copy-pasted the .png image into the drawable folder.

Now , You can use cruncherEnabled

Returns true if the PNGs should be crunched, false otherwise.

 cruncherEnabled = false

It helped me .Try this way ,I guess it will work .