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How to add local Git server account in Xcode 9?

We all know that Xcode 9 provide's so many support of Github such as clone, commit, pull, push etc. There is an option on Xcode->preferences to add GitHub account. Here is a screenshot below.

enter image description here

I can add a my Remote(public) GitHub account. We have a private Git server in our office and we access it using this ip (, but I can not add this Git server account on my Xcode. I already add my personal public GitHub account(shamiul110107) shown in screen bellow.

My question is that how can I add my private Git server account in Xcode 9?

Thanks in advance.

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You cannot add a "Git server account", and you don't need to. This has nothing to do with Accounts; you're looking in the wrong place.

If the question is how to clone from a remote repository, choose Source Control -> Clone and enter the required information. Or clone using the command line. Either way, once you have a clone, there is nothing else to do, as the clone contains the remote info.

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