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CGPDF drawPDFPage with rotation support

I'm saving a PDF file with CGPDF under iOS 10. For this I load an existing PDF page, and write it to a new file with a context. While doing so, the rotation information gets lost and the resulting PDF file has all pages re-arragend at 0°.

let writeContext: CGContext = CGContext(finalPDFURL, mediaBox: nil, nil)!

// Loop through all pages
let page: CGPDFPage = ...
var mediaBox = page.getBoxRect(.mediaBox)
writeContext.beginPage(mediaBox: &mediaBox)
// Loop finished


Then I came up with this code, which handles rotation just fine, but seems to draw the content with a slight offset. Using it with a PDF which has text or anything else close to the margins, results in cut-off content. Tried later also setting x, y, etc. on the pageInfo dict but I guess I misunderstood something here, see 2nd question below.

let page: CGPDFPage = ...

// Set the rotation
var pageDict = [String: Int32]()
pageDict["Rotate"] = CGFloat.init(page.rotationAngle)

writeContext.beginPDFPage(pageDict as CFDictionary?)

So my questions,

1) How to use the first approach but with rotation support? Or the second one, but without cropping of content?

2) Where would I find a complete listing of all available pageInfo key-value pairs for this method? https://developer.apple.com/reference/coregraphics/cgcontext/1456578-beginpdfpage


Answer Source

I got feedback from a fellow iOS coder who suggested following principle:

These three steps should allow you to recreate the original page in the destination, while maintaining the page rotation field: (1) set the source page rotation in the destination page via the page dictionary, (2) set that rotation (or possibly the rotation * -1?) in the CGContext you’re drawing into, and finally (3) explicitly set the media box in the destination to be identical to the source (no rotation).

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