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Select predefined variable using string returned from a function

I was wondering, whether this was even possible:
I have a webpage with a URL along the lines of this: ".../product.html?id1",

and using Handlebars.js I am trying to render from a js file with products:

$(function() {
var id1 = {
name: "Module 14/88",
ID: "445856",
desc: "some text"
var id2 = {
name: "Kolp-display",
ID: "445857",
desc: "some other text"
//..... // about 60 more, but the same format
function prid() {
var full_url = document.URL;
var url_array = full_url.split('?');
var last_segment = url_array[url_array.length - 1];
return last_segment;

var theTemplateScript = $("#template").html();
var theTemplate = Handlebars.compile(theTemplateScript);
$(".panel").append(theTemplate(prid())); // this does not work

And the template is embedded into HTML and works when I set the variable manually. It always renders just one product at a time, like a product page.

<script id="template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
<div class="panel-heading">
<div class="container-fluid">
<div class="row" style="margin-top: 2rem">
<div class="col-sm-7 ">

So essentially, I am trying to select a variable to be rendered (appended) from the id in URL, to be included in the part of:


So the value returned by prid() in this case is id1, and so I want the id1 array to be used by Handlebars.
As the variable is alredy defined, I just want to use the string from the prid() function as an identifier for the variable.
Is there a way to do this, I do not know and search has so far not been helpful.

Answer Source

You would need to use eval based on the code that you have currently.

The preferred approach would be is to have your entire data set as part of a single object, where id would be the keys and the, data the corresponding id's values.

var data = {
  id1: {
    name: "Module 14/88",
    ID: "445856",
    desc: "some text"
  id2: {
    name: "Kolp-display",
    ID: "445857",
    desc: "some other text"

Then you would just have to do data[prop()] to pull in the right data set.

Other other approach which I do not recommend is storing the variables as part of the window object or using eval.

Accessing object from the global scope

// or declare them in the global scope, which can then be accessed 
// from the same object
window.id1 { name:"Module 14/88", ID:"445856", desc:"some text" };
window.id2 { name:"Kolp-display", ID:"445857", desc:"some other text" };


This can introduce variable leaks in the global namespace. It is always better to avoid using global variables.

Using eval

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