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Android, wifi active scans

I need a frequent wifi scan on my android application (I'm trying to build a local indoor positioning system based on wifi RSSI values). IF I call wifi.startScan() I have onReceive() called back once every 6 seconds (I suppose by default it's scanning passively): how do I get more frequent callbacks? Should I ask for "active" scans? How is it done? Are there any drawbacks?

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I don't think you can. It is a device and/or OS version dependend setting. On the Nexus One for example it takes roughly a second to scan whereas on the G1 it takes significantly longer (or get fresh results after a few scans). If I recall correctly, some Android Version (< 2.0) did not issue a fresh scan everytime startScan() was called but might have reused the old result. But I might be mistaken on that one.

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