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How to find an element by matching exact text of the element in Capybara

I have following two elements in HTML

<a href="/berlin" >Berlin</a>
<a href="/berlin" >Berlin Germany </a>

I am trying to find the element by using following Capybara method

find("a", :text => "berlin")

Above will return two elements because both contains text berlin.

Is there a way to match exact text in Capybara ?

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Answer Source

Use a regexp instead of a string for the value of the :text key:

find("a", :text => /\ABerlin\z/)

Check out the 'Options Hash' section of the Method: Capybara::Node::Finders#all documentation.

PS: text matches are case sensitive. Your example code actually raises an error:

find("a", :text => "berlin")
# => Capybara::ElementNotFound:
#    Unable to find css "a" with text "berlin"
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