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React JSX Question

react router - get current route

I have the following routes, is it possible to get the current route name and apply its own handler?

var routes = (
<Route name="app" path="/" handler={OurSchoolsApp}>
<DefaultRoute name="home" handler={HomePage} />
<Route name="add-school" handler={AddSchoolPage} />
<Route name="calendar" handler={CalendarPage} />
<Route name="calendar-detail" path="calendar-detail/:id" handler={CalendarDetailPage} />
<Route name="info-detail" path="info-detail/:id" handler={InfoDetailPage} />
<Route name="info" handler={InfoPage} />
<Route name="news" handler={NewsListPage} />
<Route name="news-detail" path="news-detail/:id" handler={NewsDetailPage} />
<Route name="contacts" handler={ContactPage} />
<Route name="contact-detail" handler={ContactDetailPage} />
<Route name="settings" handler={SettingsPage} />

How do I get the current route name?

I want to do something like this?, function(Handler){
var mountNode = document.getElementById('app');

React.render(<Handler title="Home Page" /> , mountNode);
React.render(<Handler title="default" /> , mountNode);


Can anyone help?

Answer Source

The second parameter of the callback function of is the state object. You can see here all the values that the state holds, you can use something from there.

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