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AngularJS Question

Passing argument(s) to a service in AngularJs

I am trying to configure my first tidbits of the AngularJs for a trivial stuff, but unfortunately unsuccessful at it after considerable amount of time.

My Premise:

Users select one of the options from a dropdown and have an appropriate template loaded into a div below the select. I have set up the service, a custom directive (by following the ans by @Josh David Miller on this post, and a controller in place. The ajax call in service is working fine except that the params that I pass to the server is hardcoded. I want this to be the 'key' from the dropdown selected by user. At the moment I am failing to have this code passed to the service.

My configuration:

var firstModule = angular.module('myNgApp', []);

// service that will request a server for a template
firstModule.factory( 'katTplLoadingService', function ($http) {

return function() {

$http.get("${createLink(controller:'kats', action:'loadBreedInfo')}", {params:{'b1'}}
).success(function(template, status, headers, config){
return template


firstModule.controller('KatController', function($scope, katTplLoadingService) {
$scope.breed = {code:''}

// here I am unsuccessfully trying to set the user selected code to a var in service,

//var objService = new katTplLoadingService();
//objService.breedCode({code: $scope.breed.code});

$scope.loadBreedData = function(){
$scope.template = katTplLoadingService();

firstModule.directive('showBreed', function ($compile) {
return {
scope: true,
link: function (scope, element, attrs) {
var el;
attrs.$observe( 'template', function (tpl) {

if (angular.isDefined(tpl)) {

el = $compile(tpl)(scope);

and the HTML setup is

<form ng-controller="KatController">

<select name="catBreeds" from="${breedList}" ng-change="loadBreedData()"
ng-model="breed.code" />


<div show-breed template="{{template}}"></div>



I need the currently hardcoded value 'b1' in the $http ajax call to be the value in $scope.breed.code.

Answer Source

Your ajax request is async while your controller behaves as if the request were sync.

I assume that the get request has everything it needs to perform right.

First pass a callback to your service (note the usage of fn):

firstModule.factory( 'katTplLoadingService', function ($http) {
    return { 
        fn: function(code, callback) { //note the callback argument
            $http.get("${createLink(controller:'kats', action:'loadBreedInfo')}",
            params:{code: code}}) //place your code argument here
                .success(function (template, status, headers, config) {
                    callback(template); //pass the result to your callback

In your controller:

$scope.loadBreedData = function() {
    katTplLoadingService.fn($scope.breed.code, function(tmpl) { //note the tmpl argument
        $scope.template = tmpl;

Doing so your code is handling now your async get request.

I didn't test it, but it must be doing the job.

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