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Android support lib v4 or v13

I have developed an Android application build using API 13 and min-sdk also API 13. I want to incorporate the swiping across the tabs, and for the purpose I am using v4 support library.

I have following questions,

  1. Which support library I should use v4 or v13?

  2. Should I change the target to API 14? More importantly how do I decide, which should be my targeted API to compile against?

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For question 1: as @StinePike said, depending on what you use as minimum, you should use v4 for min-sdk = 4-12 if your min sdk is >=13 its ok to use v13.
Update As stated by Frank in the comments, with revision 26.0.0 and above the minsdk for all support libraries is API level 14. See for more details.

For question 2: the best target depends on what you plan to do, if you want to provide some features that were introduced in a higher sdk level, you have to use higher target-sdk but make sure that you check the android version to not use android apis that are introduced in a higer sdk version on a device with an older android version

    // safe to use api 11 / Android 3.0 stuf
} else {
    // only use api level <= 10 stuff

for min-sdk its the same. if you require stuff of api level >= 10 you have to use min-sdk 10

My opinion: don't use api level < 10, its not worth it... with 10 you reach 90% of the android devices
My opinion (as of April 2016): don't use api level < 16, its not worth it... with 16 you reach ~95% of the android devices

For checking the distribution of android OS version check:

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