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How to inject into a BroadcastReceiver

Does someone already had to inject an already existing class, with some business logic, into a BroadcastReceiver using dagger?

I'm using dagger 1 and already found a nice example ( but, I could not find how we can add an already existing class, which belongs to a different module, into a BroadcastReceiver.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

I managed to inject use cases into my Broadcast by defining a Module which provide the use cases I need and I add the Module on the onReceive method, check the code below:

My BroadcastReceiverModule:

@Module(injects = { MyBroadcastReceiver.class }, addsTo = MyAppModule.class)
public class BroadcastReceiverModule {
    @Provides @Singleton MyUtilsClass providesMyUtilsClass(MyUtilsClassImpl myUtilsClass) {
        return myUtilsClass;
    @Provides @Singleton MyUseCase providesMyUseCase(MyUseCaseImpl myUseCaseUtils) {
        return myUseCaseUtils;

My BroadCastReceiver:

@Inject MyUtilsClass myUtilsClass;
@Inject MyUseCase myUseCase;
@Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
protected List<Object> getModules() {
    List<Object> result = new ArrayList<>();
    result.add(new BroadcastReceiverModule());
    return result;
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