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AngularJS Question

Ui-grid with ui-router passing params

I am a beginner (idiot alert)

I am successfully using ui-grid except when they click on an icon in a row it's meant to take them to a new view... The view I'm in showing the ui-grid has a url of


I have $stateProvider set as follows:

.state('', {
url: '/details/:ticketNum',
templateUrl: 'partials/ticketDetail.html',
controller: 'ticketDetailController'

The data is displayed in ui-grid and a function is called when they click on the icon on the row in the grid. The log looks great, the url displays as I'd expect.

$scope.ticketDetailView = function(row) {
$state.go('', {ticketNum: row.TicketNum});

In my debugging the url is changing to


Exactly as expected.

So what's wrong with my initial state routing because it's not displaying the templateUrl or engaging the controller. I know this is a stupid beginners error. I've not ever worked with params in the past.

Answer Source

Make sure that state template should have ui-view in it. So that the child state will get loaded inside that ui-view

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