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C++ Question

Assigning a vector from an array (pointer)

Is there a standard way to accomplish this that is better than a


If I had an array type supposedly I can do this:

double d_array[] = { 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 };
std::vector<double> d_vector(d_array, d_array+3);

But I can't do this when I only have a
double *
and an
indicating its length.

Edit: Actually, I think I actually can do this. The error messages are quite a handful, though, if you get your type parameters wrong (which is why it didn't work for me at first).

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Answer Source

Of course you can do it the same way

int length;
double *d;
//allocate memory and data to pointer
std::vector<double> d_vector(d, d+length);
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