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how to replace a placeholder in a string?

Not very sure how to word this question but i'll give an example.
$string = 'Hey, $name. How are you?';
When I post this string, $name doesn't change. How can I make it so I can put something like +name+ so it changes to the name. i've tried seaching for it but i don't know what to search for so i don't have any luck. it's probably really simple but i'm just blanking out.

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You can use place-holders and str_replace. Or use PHP's built-in sprintf and use %s. (And as of v4.0.6 you can swap the ordering of arguments if you'd like).

$name = 'Alica';

// sprintf method:
$format = 'Hello, %s!';
echo sprintf($format, $name); // Hello, Alica!

// replace method:
$format = "Hello, {NAME}!";
echo str_replace("{NAME}", $name, $format);

And, for anyone wondering, I understood that is trouble templating a string, not PHP's integrated concatenation/parsing. I just assume keep this answer up though as I'm still not 100% sure this OP's intent

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