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Mocking a private field

I know a similar question has been asked but I have not found a clear solution. I'm trying to mock a private field from a large class. The private field gets instantiated in some earlier method and I'm trying to unit test a latter method which references the field.

So I have an earlier method in my class:

public bool validateAll(ref DataEntry[] oEntries, string sMediaPlanId, ITemplateGenerator oTempGen)
// private field that I am trying to mock
this._sMediaPlanObjective = (MPWrapper.Instance).getMediaPlanObjective(sMediaPlanId);

And I'm trying to Unit test a method that references the private field:

public bool validateFlightObjective(ref MPDataEntry oEntry)
string entryFlightObjective = oEntry.getFlightObjective();
string mediaPlanObjective = this._sMediaPlanObjective;

if (entryFlightObjective != mediaPlanObjective)
return false;

return true;

Given that I have a large class and this is just one method I want to test, is there a possible way to just mock this private field? Am I missing something basic or should I consider some other approach?

Answer Source

You can't mock anything that's private, static, or essentially - non overridable (this comes as a free mocking libraries limitation).

What you usually do in such situations (when it appears that private member has to be tested), is extracting your private member to a separate class and inject it to tested class as a dependency.

In your case, you actually need to extract code that creates _sMediaPlanObjective, which is this line:

this._sMediaPlanObjective =

Object that provides getMediaPlanObjective method should be injected to your tested class. If you do so, you can simply mock that object and tell it to return mocked version of _sMediaPlanObjective.

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