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Ruby Question

before_filter with parameters

I have a method that does something like this:

before_filter :authenticate_rights, :only => [:show]

def authenticate_rights
project = Project.find(params[:id])
redirect_to signin_path unless project.hidden

I also want to use this method in some other Controllers, so i copied the method to a helper that is included in the application_controller.

the problem is, that in some controllers, the id for the project isn't the
symbol but f.e.
(and also a
is present (for another model)

How would you solve this problem? is there an option to add a parameter to the before_filter action (to pass the right param)?

Answer Source

I'd do it like this:

before_filter { |c| c.authenticate_rights correct_id_here }

def authenticate_rights(project_id)
  project = Project.find(project_id)
  redirect_to signin_path unless project.hidden

Where correct_id_here is the relevant id to access a Project.

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