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R Question

Reshaping data with count

I have a dataset and I want to reshape it with package reshape2 from R, but I'm getting this error:

Aggregation function missing: defaulting to length

This is the head() of my data:

cat_one customer valor
cama A 1
cama B 1
cama C 1
mesa D 1
mesa A 1
mesa A 1

And I want to reshape it like this, with a count between both variables:

customer cama mesa
A 1 0
B 2 ...
D ... ...

This is my code:

dcast(dados_teste, cat_one ~ customer, value.var = 'valor')

And I'm following this other question, but the same solution is not working for me.

Answer Source

You've mixed up the LHS and RHS of the formula.


dcast(dados_teste, customer ~ cat_one, value.var = "valor")
# Aggregation function missing: defaulting to length
#   customer cama mesa
# 1        A    1    2
# 2        B    1    0
# 3        C    1    0
# 4        D    0    1

The "error" that you refer to is actually just a warning that tells you that it is just counting the number of values--not applying any other function. So, in this case, it's perfectly acceptable.

If you want to get rid of it, specify fun.aggregate = length.

dcast(dados_teste, customer ~ cat_one, 
      value.var = "valor", fun.aggregate = length)

If its just counts of two columns that you're after, you could also look at table:[c(2, 1)]))
#   cama mesa
# A    1    2
# B    1    0
# C    1    0
# D    0    1
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