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how to export data from database into excel using ajax call + javascript

I create an application with NDWS using sapui5 _javascript. I have a table in the view, which has some data (data is sync with database on server). I want to retrieve data from the table and export in into excel (so get separate excel doc). Here is my trigger:

var oExportToExcelButton = new sap.ui.commons.Button( {
text : "Export to Excel",
width : '120px',
style : sap.ui.commons.ButtonStyle.Emph,
press : function() {

var jsonDataObject = oController.model.getProperty("/matreqs");
var taskIdFromView = sap.ui.getCore().byId("taskId").getValue();
var jsonData = JSON.stringify(jsonDataObject);

+ taskIdFromView, {
context : this,
type : "POST",
processData : false,
contentType : "application/json",
data : jsonData,
error : function(request, status, error) {
success : function(data) {

getRequestParameterValue() is a function in controller:

getRequestParameterValue: function(name) {
var half ="&" + name + "=")[1];

if (!half) half ="?" + name + "=")[1];

return half ? decodeURIComponent(half.split("&")[0]) : null;

i am very new into programming, so i am sorry if my explanation is not very clear. any help is welcome!

Answer Source

Since you already have access to the data in your Buttons press event using oController.model .getProperty("/matreqs"); on the client side you should be able to send the data to your server side Service (e.g. a Java Servlet). This should care about converting your data to a valid Excel file.

You can use Apache POI for this. This works fine for me.

If you need some more information just let me know.