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How do I validate a date in rails?

I want to be able to validate a date in my model in ruby on rails. However, the day, month and year values are already converted into an incorrect date by the time they reach my model.

For example, if I enter February 31st 2009 in my view, when I do[:model]) in my controller, it converts it to March 3rd 2009. Which my model then sees as a valid date, which it is, but it is the incorrect date.

I would like to be able to do this validation in my model. Is there any way that I can, or am I going about this completely wrong?

I found this post that discusses the problem but never has a resolution.

Answer Source

I'm guessing you're using the date_select helper to generate the tags for the date. Another way you could do it is to use select form helper for the day, month, year fields. Like this (example I used is the created_at date field):

<%= :month, (1..12).to_a, selected: @user.created_at.month %>
<%= :day, (1..31).to_a, selected: %>
<%= :year, (( - 20), selected: @user.created_at.year %>

And in the model, you validate the date:

attr_accessor :month, :day, :year
validate :validate_created_at


def convert_created_at
    self.created_at = Date.civil(self.year.to_i, self.month.to_i,
  rescue ArgumentError

def validate_created_at
  errors.add("Created at date", "is invalid.") unless convert_created_at

If you're looking for a plugin solution, I'd checkout the validates_timeliness plugin. It works like this (from the github page):

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates_date :date_of_birth, on_or_before: lambda { Date.current }
  # or
  validates :date_of_birth, timeliness: { on_or_before: lambda { Date.current }, type: :date }

The list of validation methods available are as follows:

validates_date     - validate value as date
validates_time     - validate value as time only i.e. '12:20pm'
validates_datetime - validate value as a full date and time
validates          - use the :timeliness key and set the type in the hash.
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