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Preserve state with Angular UI-Router

I have an app with a ng-view that sends emails to contact selected from a contact list.
When the users select "Recipient" it shows another view/page where he can search, filter, etc. "Send email" and "Contact list" are different html partials that are loaded in the ng-view.

I need to keep the send form state so when the users select someone from the Contact List it returns to the same point (and same state). I read about different solutions ($rootScope, hidden divs using ng-show, ...) but I want to know if UI-router will help me with it's State Manager. If not, are there other ready-to-use solutions?


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The solution i have gone with is using services as my data/model storage. they persist across controller changes.


the user service ( our model that persists across controller changes )

app.factory('userModel', [function () {
    return {
        model: {
            name: '',
            email: ''

using it in a controller

function userCtrl($scope, userModel) {
    $scope.user = userModel;

the other advantage of this is that you can reuse your model in other controllers just as easly.

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