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How to pass a page URL in codeigniter controller

Im buiding a project in codeigniter..

I need to load a page in popup window

Popup window code is :

<div class='opener' data-addclose='true' data-balloon ='{ajax} grid-content.php?Action=0' style='position:relative; margin: auto; clear: both'>View</div>

grid-content.php is file in application\views\Adv_Product, how to pass this page url (grid-content.php) in my controller...??

I need to view this page contents in a popup.

How can I place this code in codeigniter...

Please help

Thanks in Advance..

Answer Source

Note : codeigniter does not provide to load directly view,

<div class='opener' data-addclose='true' data-balloon ='<?php echo base_url()?>/demo/popup_view/0' style='position:relative; margin: auto; clear: both'>View</div>

first to make a function inside your controller

Controller name: Demo.php

function popup_view()
   // if you send a parameter like action=0 



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