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C# Silverlight - Getting Data Out Over The Wire Without Foreach & GetEnumerator()


Currently I have a C# Silverlight business application which uses RIA Services. The application is hosted in ASP.NET using the ADO.NET Entity Framework and a domain service class to read and write to the SQL Server database.

Since the RIA class doesn't support multiple
s between tables, it was therefore necessary to implement LINQ as part of the domain service to
all the tables together and return results.


I get the error message when I try and use a
loop on a returned list of objects:

Does not contain a public definition for GetEnumerator

What are my options for getting data out of this method?

Most of the time I only need one object, so I could just modify the method to select the first result and return a single object.

This method exists in the Domain Service Class. This method defines the context and then calls the method in the Silverlight client.

Method Invocation from Silverlight Client

var context = dds.DomainContext as InmZenDomainContext;

Server Side Linq Query Method (Exists within Domain Service Class)

public List<Image> GetJobImages(string jobGuid)
var query =
from j in Context.Job
orderby (j.ShortCode)
where j.JobID.Equals(jobGuid)
join a in Context.Audit //.Distinct()
on j.JobID equals a.Job.JobID
join i in Context.Image
on a.Image.JobID equals i.JobID
//join s in Context.States
//on z.States.StateID equals s.StateID
select new Image

//ShortCode = j.ShortCode,
HighResUrl = i.HighResUrl,
LowResUrl = i.LowResUrl,
UploadDate = i.UploadDate

return query;

Invocation method

var context = dds.DomainContext as InmZenDomainContext;
foreach (var item in context.GetJobImagesQuery(imageJob.JobID.ToString()))


Declaration (Exists within the generated code file - .Web.g.cs):

/// <summary>
/// Returns an EntityQuery for query operation 'GetJobImages'.
/// </summary>
public EntityQuery<Image> GetJobImagesQuery(string jobGuid)
Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();
parameters.Add("jobGuid", jobGuid);
return base.CreateQuery<Image>("GetJobImages", parameters, false, true);

Answer Source

GetJobImagesQuery is a method that is generated because of the GetJobImages function. Your method is not supposed to return a List of Images but an IQueryable list of Entity Objects.

For example:

public IQueryable<TableName> GetTableByID(long otherTable_ID)
    return this.Context.TableName.Where((x) => x.otherTable_ID == otherTable_ID);

would be generated into:

public EntityQuery<TableName> GetTableNameByRx_IDQuery(long otherTable_ID)
    Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();
    parameters.Add("otherTable_ID", otherTable_ID);
    return base.CreateQuery<TableName>("GetTableNameByotherTable_ID", parameters, false, true);

I think that if you change the return type of GetJobImages to an IQueryable of type "Image" you could grab the Images with a foreach.

public List<Image> GetJobImages(string jobGuid)

would become:

public IQueryable<Image> GetJobImages(string jobGuid)

then your code:

foreach (var item in context.GetJobImagesQuery(imageJob.JobID.ToString()))

would work.

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