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PHP - parsing src attribute of <img> tag in string

What would be the simplest but reliable way to parse the

attribute of the first
tag found in an arbitrary text string, but without using any external libraries? That means to get everything that is between opening and closing
character of

I did this script, but it is not a reliable solution in some cases:

$string = $item['description'];
$arr = explode('img', $string);
$arr = explode('src', $arr[1]);
$arr = explode('=', $arr[1]);
$arr = explode('>', $arr[1]);

$pos1 = strpos($arr[0], '"')+1;
$pos2 = strrpos($arr[0], '"')-1;

if (!$pos1) {
$pos1 = strpos($arr[0], "'")+1;
$pos2 = strrpos($arr[0], "'")-1;

if ($pos1 && $pos2) {
$result = substr($arr[0], $pos1, $pos2);
else { $result = null; }

Answer Source

The only safest way is by using DOMDocument built-in (in PHP 5) class. Use getElementsByTagName(), check if the length is more than 0, and grab the first item src value with getAttribute('src'):

$dom = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8');
$imgs = $dom->getElementsByTagName('img');
if ($imgs->length > 0) {
    echo $imgs->item(0)->getAttribute('src');

See this PHP demo

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