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android play games services is incorrectly configured. anyone know how to fix?

enter image description hereI have a weird bug that's cropped up.

My app works perfectly when I sign it with the android debug key store. But when I sign it with my own key, users are unable to sign in.

I get the message
"The application is incorrectly configured. Check the package name and signing cerificate match the client id in the developer console"

I have done this and have added a new client I'd with the correct certificate and package name but it still doesn't seem to be working.

Anyone know what else I could try or if there is a known issue?

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Ok all here is how I managed to fix it after a lot of trial and error.

  1. If you have created a client id in the google api console for your release certificate sha1 and release package name then delete it.

  2. Go into the developer play store console and follow the steps to link another app ( screenshot below) enter image description here

Then proceed to follow the steps that it takes you through which will create a new client id.

  1. Now this is the important bit....

( Even though the UI will look the same and Google will give no visual indication that you need to do anything more to get it working and make you assume that changes have been autosaved) Press the publish button. It will then give you a list of changes that it needs to publish.

Press publish and after a few hours your app will start to work.


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