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PHP Question

How to submit one of the dynamically generated forms (generated by php)


echo '
<div class = "card locations userNameContainer">
<div class = "row" style = "padding: 0 !important;">
<div class = "userName col s5" style = "display: inline-block;">

<form class = "setPrivilegeForm col s6" id = "setPrivilegeForm">
<input type="hidden" value='.$userID.' name="userID" > </input>
<select name="userType" id = "userType" class = "customSelect" onchange = "ajaxPrivilegeSubmit()">
<option value="" disabled selected class = "grey-text">'.$typeText.'</option>
<option value="1">Administrator</option>
<option value="2" >Operator</option>
<option value="3">Patron</option>

<i class = "material-icons col s1">delete</i>


Preview image of generated list of forms:preview


function ajaxPrivilegeSubmit(){
type: "post",
url: "setPrivilegeForm.php",
data: $('#setPrivilegeForm').serialize(),

success: function(data){

Materialize.toast('Hello', 4000);



I want to be able to submit the form (each list item is a form) when the value of the dropdown present in that form changes but, currently only the first form is being submitted instead of the form whose dropdown was selected (yes i know the reason why).

Could someone guide me so as how to use some unique identifier which would help in submitting that form whose
value has changed?

Answer Source

Give your form an id like 'setPrivilegeForm_1' and your select the id '1'. On the next one 'setPrivilegeForm_2' and '2' etc. Change your onchange function to ajaxPrivilegeSubmit( and change the actual function to

function ajaxPrivilegeSubmit(num){ $.ajax({ type: "post", url: "setPrivilegeForm.php", data: $('#setPrivilegeForm_'+num).serialize(),

  success: function(data){

    Materialize.toast('Hello', 4000);



//$('this').closest('.setPrivilegeForm_'+num).submit(); }

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