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Java Question

Assigning priority to the tasks

What are the factors to be considered to assign the priority for the tasks?

Here, I am using

CloudSim 3.0.3
simulator for simulation where I need to assign the priority for each task before the execution and deploy the tasks based on the priority.

I have the following parameters for each task:

  • Time for Execution(Approximate)

  • File Size

  • Output size

  • No of processing elements(PEs) needed for execution.

I am going to deploy the tasks on Virtual Machine which have the following:

  • Amount of storage space

  • RAM

  • MIPS

  • PEs

  • Bandwidth

What parameters should I need to consider for assigning priority for the tasks?

Please help.
Thank you..

Answer Source

You can use time for execution as the main parameter or the output size to assign priority for the tasks.

The tasks with high output size and the execution time will get higher priority.

Now, also assign priority to the available VMs according to its remaining resource(CPU, RAM, MIPS) where more available resource will get high priority.

Now, you can assign the task with high priority to the VM with high priority.

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