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Using yahoo weather Api

I am using yahoo weather api and getting result using this link:*%20from%20weather.forecast%20where%20woeid%20in%20(select%20woeid%20from%20geo.places(1)%20where%20text%3D%22london%22)&format=json

Now I want to using this url with retrofit. So please tell me how to change the city by passing query.

Thank you

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It would end up being something like this:

public interface WeatherService {
   Call<String> getWeather(@Query("q") String query);


Then create the object like this:

Retrofit retrofit = new Retrofit.Builder()

      WeatherService wService = retrofit.create(WeatherService.class);

And run it like this:

String query = "select * from weather.forecast where woeid in (select woeid from geo.places(1) where text=\"Leeds\")&format=json";

Call<String> weather = wService.getWeather(query);
         try {
            Response<String> resp = weather.execute();

You should change the ConverterFactory to json and properly parse the weather output.

I have not tested this, just giving you an idea of how to use the Retrofit query.

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