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Finding image type from NSData or UIImage

I am loading an image from a URL provided by a third-party. There is no file extension (or filename for that matter) on the URL (as it is an obscured URL). I can take the data from this (in the form of NSData) and load it into a UIImage and display it fine.

I want to persist this data to a file. However, I don't know what format the data is in (PNG, JPG, BMP)? I assume it is JPG (since it's an image from the web) but is there a programmatic way of finding out for sure? I've looked around StackOverflow and at the documentation and haven't been able to find anything.


Edit: Do I really need the file extension? I'm persisting it to an external storage (Amazon S3) but considering that it will always be used in the context of iOS or a browser (both of whom seem fine in interpreting the data without an extension) perhaps this is a non-issue.

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If you have NSData for the image file, then you can guess at the content type by looking at the first byte:

+ (NSString *)contentTypeForImageData:(NSData *)data {
    uint8_t c;
    [data getBytes:&c length:1];

    switch (c) {
    case 0xFF:
        return @"image/jpeg";
    case 0x89:
        return @"image/png";
    case 0x47:
        return @"image/gif";
    case 0x49:
    case 0x4D:
        return @"image/tiff";
    return nil;
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