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PyCharm: How to tell if previously sent selection has completed execution at console?

I use

to send a selection of code from the editor to the (IPython) console. But, I am not able to tell when the code has completed executing, since the next prompt appears even though the previous code chunk might not have completed executing. So:

  • Either I have to try and send another selection to the console, and the editor warns me that the previous command has not completed running, or,

  • I have to try and enter something at the console, and if the results of the requested computation are not returned (
    print 2 + 2
    , say), then I know that the previous command has not completed execution.

Here is a screenshot to show what I mean:
enter image description here

Am I missing some feature that tells me that a selection sent to the console has not completed executing?

As an example,
will not show the next prompt until one chunk has finished execution.

Answer Source

This is now resolved in the latest builds of PyCharm. Thanks to JetBrains for fixing this.

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