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Automated Testing Framework

I am trying build an automated testing framework for some of our internal web services (java) at work. Each service has a set of APIs (3-5), although this could be relatively easy to achieve, the problem comes with some APIs which do not behave as pure functions, ex: something like persistX, this could store something in a database and returns an exception incase of failure.
There is no easy way to validate since there is no output here.

So I was wondering if this could a a bit generalized, say while testing the API, the user could provide a simple plugin or script to the framework of some sort that could validate the test. This is just one idea would be great if someone can tell me some better ones or any resources about the same.


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I recommend the robot framework. It is a keyword driven framework written in python. Because of that, you can run it in the JVM with jython which means you can extend it with java code (or python, of course). I've sucessfully used it to call APIs, then verify the result by peeking into a database, or querying the file system.

It also works on the .NET platform, has a selenium module for testing the front end, a jenkins plugin, and several other tools. It's very extensible and flexible.

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