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Swift Question

iOS example using Google SignIn and google spreadsheet api

I have been trying to use google signin, which is now required, with google spreadsheet api. There are 2 google examples.

I've followed:

  1. "Google sheets iOS Quickstart"

  2. "Start Integrating Google SignIn.."

Each example works on its own. It's when I try to put the two APIs together things fall apart. The failures are too numerous to list here. Most of the problems stem from my poor understanding of cocoa pods and working with Xcode frameworks.

Can anyone explain how google signin should free up google sheets API?


Answer Source

I did manage to get the API's to work. There was another Google video that helped. "Sign in series #3: Advanced Topics in Google Sign-in."

After a quite a bit of searching I now have my app adding data to a Spreadsheet! Yeah!

A few things about that.

  1. I had to use GTLServiceDrive(), I couldn't get GTLRSheetsService() work.
  2. Use service.fetchObject(byInserting: .... It does a POST call
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