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Python Question

Paths in python

Consider a rectangular grid.

I want a short and elegant way of generating a straight path from

, where either
y0 = y1

For example, on input
[1,3], [3,3]
the output
should be generated. Likewise if the input is
[3,3], [1,3]

I have tried
[[i,j] for i in range(self.origin[0],self.end[0]+1) for j in range(self.origin[1], self.end[1]+1)]
, but it only works for the case where the input is ordered.

Answer Source

Your question states that the solution from x -> y should be the same as the solution y -> x, i.e. we're only interested in defining the points on the path, not in any ordering of those points. If that's true, then simply find out which path has the smaller x (or y) and designate that as the origin.

origin = (3,3)
dest = (1,3)

origin, dest = sorted([origin, dest])

path = {(i,j) for i in range(origin[0], dest[0]+1) for j in range(origin[1], dest[1]+1)}
# note that this is now a set comprehension, since it doesn't make any sense
# to use a list of unique hashable items whose order is irrelevant

of course, this solves any obstructionless 2-D pathfinding. If you know that only one direction is changing, then only look in that direction.

origin, dest = sorted((origin, dest))
if origin[0] == dest[0]:  # y is changing
    path = {(origin[0], j) for j in range(origin[1], dest[1]+1)}
else:  # x is changing
    path = {(i, origin[1]) for i in range(origin[0], dest[0]+1)}
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