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Javascript Question

When pushing an array into another one, how to prevent flattening?

I would expect this:

var x = [1,2];
var y = [3,4];

to yield this:


But some implementations (1) yield this:


Why? And how can I get the first result?

  1. InDesign 8.1 ExtendScript; some
    on OSX 10.10.5 that I can’t identify (doesn’t respond to

Nau Nau
Answer Source

if you run this code, you get the first result([1,2,[3,4]]), but if you print this in html, you see as the second result. You can try to see it in console.log In this JSFiddle you can try it: (see the console log)

  var x = [1,2];
  var y = [3,4];
  console.log(x); //here prints in the console the [1,2,[3,4]]
  document.getElementById('result').innerHTML=x; //here prints in the html the [1,2,3,4]
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