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jQuery Question

Select options without value attribute

Is this correct or invalid markup (when the option has no value)?

Is this the expected jQuery behaviour for

when there is no

<select id="select_ID">

If I use
I get "Name"/"Recent", but if the option had a value, I would get the value's content.

I know there is
to get "Name" and "Recent" in this example. Just confused why does
gives me the
when there is no value assigned.

FIDDLE (notice the different result of the alerts)

Answer Source

This has nothing to do with jQuery. That's how the browser handles it.


$("#select_ID").change(function () {
    var val = $("#select_ID option:selected")[0].value;
    alert(val); // somevalue or Recent

Reference: http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/forms.html#attr-option-value

The value attribute provides a value for element. The value of an option element is the value of the value content attribute, if there is one, or, if there is not, the value of the element's text IDL attribute.

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