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How to disable menu options when transitioning between pages in ViewPager?

When transitioning between pages, each fragment page shares the same menu options. The menu option contains button which launches an activity. That activity is highly dependent on the information the current page item shows.

I noticed that when I change the view such that, the next page is almost shown on the screen (not fully transitioned) and I select the option for that item, the options shows the data from the previous item. I think this is because, he transition between pages was not fully complete. This is kind of confusing for my users. There could be people who swipe faster and press the option button. I noticed then when swiping between fragments and then suddenly press the menu option. The options shows the data from the previously active page.

If I could only hide the menu options, and only show it when the page is fully transitioned, I believe I can solve this problem. Or else, maybe I am doing something wrong which could have averted this in the first place?

I am using FragmentStatePagerAdapter.

Thank you!

Answer Source

Use ViewPager.SimpleOnPageChangeListener and when the onPageScrollStateChanged event is triggered check to see the state of the scroll if is idle then the page is in view and active (allow user to press the menu button), if is in another state then lock/hide the menu buttons.

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