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Java Question

cqengine compare by datetime

I'm trying to find a list of objects that are after a certain

. In order to do so, I've created the following query:

return foos.retrieve(QueryFactory.equal(EXPIRY_INDEX, new DateTime()));

I then created the following index:

public static final Attribute<Foo, DateTime> EXPIRY_INDEX = new SimpleAttribute<Foo, DateTime>() {
public DateTime getValue(Foo foo, QueryOptions queryOptions) {
return foo.getEXPIRY();

So far all good, except, the
method will invoke
as far as I know which will ultimately return
all the time. What I need is a way to call

How can I find all elements in a collection that have a
after right now?

Answer Source

If I understand correctly, you should use a greaterThan() query instead of an equals() query.

These will rely on Comparable.compareTo(), instead of Object.equals(). So it should work if your DateTime object implements the Comparable interface properly.

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