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Write a section in app.config file

I've looked here about making changes to the app.config file using ConfigurationManager. This seems to write values under

in the file.

I feel my question might be a very similar change, but I can't quite work out how to do it.

I've defined a
element in my app.config file, for example
<section name="Example".../>
, and in the config file it's been given some value:

<Example file="C:\temp\".../>

If I use the command
, I can get this value.

I wondered, is there a way to change this value at runtime? So I'd like to use
at a later point, and have the new (changed) value returned - if this is possible? Thank you,

Answer Source

Putting that information in the config-file is only one step to achieve what you're looking for.

Your <Example>-node is a custom section, that's unknown at that time. For enabling the ConfigurationManager to parse your section to an actual object at runtime, you'll have to define your section as a class deriving from ConfigurationSection:

public class ExampleSection : ConfigurationSection
    [ConfigurationProperty("file", IsRequired = true)]
    public string File
            return this["file"]; 
            this["file"] = value; 

For a complete example, please have a look at this comprehensive MSDN-article.

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