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How can I get cmake to find my alternative boost installation?

I have installed the most recent version of boost in /usr/local (with includes in /usr/local/include/boost and libraries in /usr/local/lib/boost) and I am now attempting to install Wt from source, but cmake (version 2.6) can't seem to find the boost installation. It tries to give helpful suggestions about setting BOOST_DIR and Boost_LIBRARYDIR, but I haven't been able to get it to work by tweaking these variables.

The most recent error message that I get is that it can't find the libraries, but it seems to indicate that it is using "/usr/local/include" for the include path, which isn't correct (and I can't seem to fix it). Does anybody have a solution for this off the top of their head, or do I need to go mucking around inside cmake to figure it out?

Answer Source

After digging around in cmake and experimenting, I determined that cmake was unhappy with the fact that all of my boost libraries were contained in /usr/local/lib/boost and not /usr/local/lib. Once I soft-linked them back out, the build worked.

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