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What is the top bar height of iPhone X?

I would like to know exact height of top bar of iPhone X.
Could you please mention the status bar and navigation bar height of iPhone X.
Please help me.

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The display on iPhone X, however, is 145pt taller than a 4.7" display, resulting in roughly 20% additional vertical space for content.

for more information you get HIG for iphone X from apple documents and detail description in here1 and here2

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status bar height

previously 20pt, now 44pt

Because of the sensors on top of the display, the new status bar is split in 2 parts. If your UI is doing something special with that space (previously 20pt high, now 44pt), because it will be taller on the iPhone X. Make sure that it can be dynamically changed in height. A great thing is that the height won’t be changed if a user makes a phone call or is using a navigation app, which was previously the case on other iPhones.

enter image description here


Navigation bar height as normal 88 and large title time 140

  • Standard title - 88pt
  • Large title - 140pt
  • bottom bar - 34pt


  • Standard title - 32pt
  • bottom bar - 21pt
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