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Why should I declare a virtual destructor for an abstract class in C++?

I know it is a good practice to declare virtual destructors for base classes in C++, but is it always important to declare

destructors even for abstract classes that function as interfaces? Please provide some reasons and examples why.

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It's even more important for an interface. Any user of your class will probably hold a pointer to the interface, not a pointer to the concrete implementation. When they come to delete it, if the destructor is non-virtual, they will call the interface's destructor (or the compiler-provided default, if you didn't specify one), not the derived class's destructor. Instant memory leak.

For example

class Interface
   virtual void doSomething(void) = 0;

class Derived : public Interface
      // Do some important cleanup...

void myFunc(void)
   Interface* p = new Derived();
   // The behaviour of the next line is undefined. It probably 
   // calls Interface::~Interface, not Derived::~Derived
   delete p; 
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