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Node.js Question

Getting node-inspector to open debugging browser page on Windows

When I first installed the latest version of node-inspector (0.9.2) running it with 'node-inspector app.js' I had the debugging session opened automatically in Chrome and the app was automatically running at localhost:5000.

Now running the same command I just get this:

D:\Work\examples\mozaik-demo-master>node-inspector app.js
Node Inspector v0.9.2
Visit to start debugging.

And then I have to open another prompt window and run the app with 'node --debug app.js' then open the browser windows at '' and 'localhost:5000'.

This is so much an overhead, how can I make it work as it did the first time? Installing and uninstalling node-inspector doesn't help.


Answer Source

The command node-inspector was never opening Chrome. It was always starting the backend web server only.

You should use the command node-debug instead. This command will start the backend, start the application in debug mode, and open the browser for you.

D:\Work\examples\mozaik-demo-master>node-debug app.js
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